Viel Spaß damit und schönes Wochenende!!

Album: 15.09. WAYWARD SONS - "Ghosts of Yet to Come"

PHANTOM 5 - "Crossfire" 
Album: 13.10. PHANTOM 5 - "Play To Win"

DIRTY THRILLS - "I'll Be With You"  
Album: 15.09. DIRTY THRILLS - "Heavy Living"

BIGFOOT - "The Fear" (Official Music Video) 
Album: 13.10. BIGFOOT - "Bigfoot"

KRYPTONITE - "Keep The Dream Alive" (Official Music Video) 
Album: 04.08. KRYPTONITE - "Kryptonite"

STEELHEART - "You Got Me Twisted"  (Official Music Video) 
Album: 15.09. STEELHEART - "Through Worlds of Stardust"

TEN - "Jekyll and Hyde" (Official Music Video) 
Album: 07.07. TEN - "Gothica"

Circus Maximus - "Architect of Fortune" Live (Official)
Album: 04.08. CIRCUS MAXIMUS – "Havoc in Oslo"
2CD+DVD // 2CD+Blu Ray

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